CP, Toyota, and CJPT Sign an MOU towards achieving Carbon Neutrality in Thailand | Corporate | Global Newsroom

CP Chairman Soopakij Chearavanont said, “We are very encouraged by the consistent progress of what we have been considering with the strong desire to give back to Thailand. We will steadily implement the projects we have agreed upon and would like to openly work with any like-minded partners who wish to join us.”

Koji Sato, President of Toyota, commented, “Since the time of the agreement between the top management of CP and Toyota in December last year, we have been studying this matter deeply, while keeping in mind the original purpose of the collaboration, which is “Let’s all proceed with what we can do now.” I am very pleased that we are now able to take the collaboration to the next stage, in less than four months after the previous announcement. We will work with partners to explore a variety of options and pathways toward carbon neutrality that are suited to the actual situation in Thailand, for bringing happiness to the people of Thailand.”

Hiroki Nakajima, President of CJPT, said, “Through this collaboration, CJPT will join hands with various partners to drastically strengthen the movement of people and goods in Thailand while taking on what we can do now to reduce CO2 emissions. We would like to help enhance people’s quality of life, in our effort to repay our gratitude to the Thai society.”

This collaboration will be promoted with the participation of True Leasing Co., Ltd., CP’s transportation service business. CJPT, which joined the agreement, is capitalized by Isuzu Motors Limited, Suzuki Motor Corporation, and Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. in addition to Toyota, and is promoting initiatives centered on logistics efficiency and electrification. A new company “CJPT-Asia” (tentative) will be established in Thailand as soon as the necessary procedures and preparations are in place, to further accelerate CJPT’s carbon neutrality initiatives in Asia, including this collaboration. As part of CJPT’s efforts in Asia, Hino Motors, Ltd. is also participating in exploring areas of contribution towards this collaboration. Since carbon neutrality should be tackled by all industries and all people in a joint manner, the three companies of CP, Toyota and CJPT would like to further collaborate widely with partners who share the same view and intention towards Carbon Neutrality and giving back to Thailand.