Is this the UK’s best Mk1 Toyota RAV4?

The Mk1 Toyota RAV4 was something of a revolution when it arrived in 1994, single-handedly creating the crossover SUV segment with its unique combination of unibody construction, compact size and off-road ability. The first-generation RAV4 was in production until 2000, which means that even the latest examples are now more than 20 years old and past the bloom of youth.

Mk1 RAV4Mk1 RAV4

But not this one. Registered in November 1994 during the first year of production, this UK-specification RAV4 GX is probably the finest unrestored example in the country and likely the closest you will get to a nearly new car, albeit one that is now 26 years old.

Mk1 RAV4Mk1 RAV4

Showing just 8,600 miles on its odometer, this Sequoia Green metallic RAV4 Mk1 is in remarkable, time warp condition. It has been garaged since new and used infrequently as little more than a vessel for carrying groceries between the supermarket and home. Its service history is full and carefully documented, and what’s remarkable is that in more than two decades of consecutive MoT passes there has not been a single advisory notice raised against its condition.

From new, the RAV4 was equipped with a number of official Toyota accessories, such as polyurethane bull bars for the front corners, wheel arch enlargers, rear lens protectors, side bars and tow bar. The current owner has also treated the underside to an anti-rust coating, and wisely replaced the cam belt, tensioner, water pump and other essential service items.

Although this 1994 Toyota RAV4 GX is close to museum quality, it is actually being offered for sale by auction on the Car & Classic website. The accompanying text and images are authoritative and full of detail, which all serve to highlight what an unmissable opportunity this represents in securing an important piece of world automotive history. Will you be its next owner?