On Earth Day, Project1Hour supercharges consideration of environmental goals

Muralist Steffi Lynn has teamed up with Volkswagen and The Conversation Fund on an original Earth Day mural. Volkswagen Group believes in the above sentiment and has asked all 660,000 of its employees worldwide to engage in an hour-long conversation on Earth Day and brainstorm around climate change and environmental protection.

For this year’s Earth Day, the Volkswagen Group will move globally while thinking locally. On April 22, the company will ask all 660,000 employees worldwide to engage in an hour-long conversation and brainstorm around climate change and environmental protection. The event, called Project1Hour, will lend momentum to Volkswagen’s existing sustainability initiatives while giving shape to new ideas that could carry the company – and the industry – in an innovative, more sustainable direction.

Volkswagen Group of America President and CEO Scott Keogh asked employees to use the time to share and discuss ideas to help make a positive impact on the environment, both as individuals and as teams. Employees have also been encouraged to share their insights and plans to reduce their personal carbon footprints on social media using the hashtag #Project1Hour following the event.

The ask underscores the company’s focus on e-mobility and commitment to carbon neutrality. “We are a diverse union of experiences and perspectives, and our company has a critical role to play in effecting change in the products we bring to market and in the communities we call home,” Keogh said. “Project1Hour represents our determination to transform today’s ideas into tomorrow’s action as we drive toward an electric, sustainable future.”

The logo for #Project1Hour

Earth Day marks the third anniversary of Volkswagen becoming the first automaker globally to embrace the targets of the Paris Climate Agreements and aim to make its global business carbon neutral by 2050. That means curbing carbon emissions from its vehicles and factories worldwide, adopting renewable energy sources wherever possible, and using carbon offsets to displace emissions that can’t be eliminated otherwise.

A key moment in that goal was last month’s American launch of the ID.4, the company’s first long-range electric SUV. The ID.4 plays a key role in Volkswagen’s goal of launching up to 70 all-electric models worldwide while transforming the driver experience through new customer innovations, like the electric vehicle battery recycling program.

Project1Hour builds on these commitments and offers Volkswagen employees an opportunity to turn their ideas on speeding our sustainability goals into action.