Ten surprisingly smart features on the Volkswagen ID.4 SUV

Today’s electric vehicles feature an abundance of technology, which can often be overwhelming to someone new to EVs. However, the new Volkswagen ID.4 SUV was designed with the goal of simplifying the driver’s life by creating an easy and enjoyable experience behind its wheel. The ID.4 offers a wide range of intelligent features, including smart technology Volkswagen offers across its lineup, like wireless App-Connect for compatible devices, voice controls, and a kick-to-open rear hatch – along with a few unique to the first Volkswagen electric SUV.1

Here are 10 smart touches in the VW ID.4 designed to help you enjoy the road ahead:

  1. Set the mood

If you are looking to activate the ambient lighting or pre-set “moods” in the ID.4, you can quickly and easily dim all of the interior lights using the slider bar in the infotainment system to customize to your liking.

  1. Navigate like a pro

The ID.4 touchscreen display is the central hub for your drive, featuring interactive navigation at your fingertips. You may not know that you can tilt the 3D navigation map with two fingers and help find where you are headed; there’s also turn-by-turn directions available in the vehicle’s center display.

  1. Heat your seat

Winter is no match for the ID.4. The car’s heated seats and steering wheel are standard and their unique electric-resistance heater can be activated in a matter of seconds; all with the tap of two fingers on the car’s temperature slider, located on the inclined surface below the display. You can also add a default setting that will automatically turn on the heated seats and steering wheel on startup if the temperature outside has fallen below a certain level.

  1. Crack a joke

We all need a laugh now and then. If you need a little entertainment, the simple command, “Hello ID, tell me a joke,” brings out the ID.4’s inner comedian.2

  1. Get some air

Whether it’s a hot summer day or you just need some wind in your hair, you can control all four windows with one simple touch by holding down the rear button on the driver’s left door panel until it illuminates intermittently.

  1. Control the cabin atmosphere

If you want to catch a glimpse of the stars, or the sun’s rays are streaming in a little too much use voice command to say “it’s too dark” or “it’s too bright” to open or close the overhead shades of ID.4’s panoramic roof.

  1. Rearrange your cupholders

The ID.4 comes with two sets of cupholders for front-seat passengers – one set that’s visible in the center console, the other under a rolling cover. What’s not so obvious is that those inserts are modular; the insert for the covered space and the dividers for the open holders can be swapped or removed in various combinations to customize the space for holding phones or other items instead.

  1. Set your favorites

The center Discover Pro touchscreen controls most of the ID.4 features and includes an easy way to access those features you use most. Simply swipe down from the top of the screen to find shortcuts to your most-used sections; pressing and holding any icon on screen brings up a menu to customize which functions you want quick access to.

  1. You can see clearly now

If your rear camera lens gets dirty, simply press and hold the right wiper stalk toward the windshield. Not only will ID.4 wash and wipe your back window, but a high-powered jet will also clean your backup camera lens.

  1. Is this thing off?

Since it’s always quiet, the ID.4 can confirm when its driver exits the vehicle with a friendly goodbye chime. And because of Volkswagen’s attention to detail, you can adjust the chime volume, so it’s just right.