Woven Capital Makes Its First Investment, Backing Nuro | Corporate | Global Newsroom

About Woven Capital

Woven Capital is an $800 million global investment fund that supports growth-stage companies focused on technology and innovation in mobility. It was founded in 2021 as the corporate venture capital investment arm of Woven Planet Group. Woven Capital invests in mobility technologies, automation, artificial intelligence, data and analytics, connectivity and smart cities globally.

About Woven Planet Group

Woven Planet Group is on a mission to design a happier planet through secure, connected mobility solutions. Woven Planet Group builds upon the operations of Toyota Research Institute – Advanced Development to bring its vision, “Mobility to Love, Safety to Live” to life. Under this shared goal, Woven Planet Group’s four companies, Woven Planet Holdings, Woven Core, Woven Alpha and Woven Capital are transforming how people live, work, and play through new innovations and investment in automated driving, robotics, smart cities, and more.

About Nuro

Nuro is the leader in autonomous delivery using robotics to improve everyday life. The company’s fleet of on-road, fully occupantless and autonomous vehicles are designed to deliver everyday goods to consumers ranging from groceries to pizza to prescriptions in a way that is quick, affordable, and most importantly, safe. Nuro is on a mission to fundamentally change the last mile of local delivery for consumers and businesses alike, while using the power of robotics for the greater good. Nuro has announced partnerships with Kroger, Domino’s, Walmart, CVS and other leading companies.