The Best Valorant Agents to Choose If You’re A Beginner + The Ultimate Way to Get Higher in the Game

For the game to engage you as a player, you need strong characters (or agents in the case of Valorant) and tools that will help you overcome obstacles. Gladly, we know both amazing agents and the ultimate instrument that will make you top the leadership boards when you need it.

Here, we’ll review some of the best agents to choose if you only start to get into the game. Valorant is an amazing choice, very multi-faceted and interesting. It’s pretty new as well! 

We’re sure you’ll be pleased with the game. But if even with the most suitable character you still encounter a lot of obstacles and love motivation, there’s a team of professionals that will fix the situation and show you how to go through the most difficult fights.

Learning from professionals and engaging with them sounds like a great deal, right? Valorant boost offers you just that and even more!

OK, but first, let’s get familiar with the best character options for you!

TOP-5 Valorant Agents to Choose From

There are many more amazing agents, but we think it’s better to start with one of these. You can try different ones and see who suits you the best in terms of fighting skills and additional possibilities.

Feel free to change and try. Look for your ideal match within the game, and you’ll achieve the highest heights!


Reyna is the perfect duelist, which is the class most suitable for beginners in the game. She will rescue you in tough feats and has a basic but very inclusive kit of skills. She will heal or flee after a battle is finished, depending on what you need the most.

Friendly and killing!


If you’re looking for an agent with the most complete kit yet, meet Phoenix. He will protect and heal you while creating opportunities. He’s also one of the easiest to master. This is an amazing agent for beginners thanks to his kit suitable for blinding opponents and healing after difficult feats.


Omen is one of if not the easiest agents you can choose. Even professionals have chosen this one the first time they were trying out Valorant. Omen is amazing for every team and is a controller agent with easily-deployed smokes. Besides, he can teleport you on short distances, which is very beneficial in a fight.


If you think you need an initiator, confidently choose KAY/O. This is one of the best initiators in the game. You’ll need some time to unlock him. But boy, does it pay off! Play hard to get to this character as soon as possible, and he will not disappoint. KAY/O will reveal enemies and defeat them easily!


Sage is super-useful for beginners that tend to be overwhelmed by the action happening in the game. She heals allies and slows down all the enemies. A perfect team player, Sage will slow down any rush and give you enough time to get into safety before the enemies come to your spot.

How to Get Familiar with the Characters and Boost Your Ranking?

You can play by yourself, watch YouTube videos, and replay the same battles over and over again. This is an amazing way to learn since you get to know every corner of the game. But there’s an easier way if you don’t mind.

We’re here to talk about boosting your characters to see what the game can give you.

What Is Valorant Boosting?

Boosting is a process that implies that a semi-pro or pro player either allows you to play beside them to reach new levels or plays using your account. You can choose either, depending on your goals. If you want to learn more, maybe playing along will be nice.

But if time is a priority, giving the data to a verified professional player seems like a great idea (and it is, to be honest).

Who Uses Boosting?

Players who:

  • Are beginners and don’t want to burn out in the first several days;
  • Don’t have nearly enough time to play but don’t want to lose growth;
  • Need to get a reward but can’t achieve the rating needed for it on their own;
  • Are professionals and want to reach the more difficult levels sooner without having to play through all the easy ones.

The reasons are plenty. Otherwise, there would be no such thing as Valorant boosting. Try it for yourself, and you’ll see a ton of advantages that will bring not only your account to a new level but your skills as well.

Is It Safe?

Absolutely, if you follow some rules. For example, you shouldn’t log in at the same time when your booster is working. Thus, the server will consider your account compromised, which may result in a ban. You don’t want that.

Pro boosters usually use high-quality paid VPN services to conceal their real location, which aids the security of your cooperation.

Where to Go Now?

We recommend you to visit This is one of the oldest and most experienced services helping people who need Valorant boosting and coaching. You can get in touch with semi-pros and pros of the gaming industry who know everything there is to know about the game and can help you achieve a new level.

The prices are reasonable, the boosters are friendly and skillful. Thousands of customers are already recommending the service if they choose to talk about the help they’re getting there.

In Conclusion

Valorant is a great game, very interesting and multi-dimensional. You should definitely add it to your to-play list. The character or agent choice is very wide, but it’s better to start with the ones we have mentioned. 

Also, if you have problems with the game, such as a difficult fight or lack of understanding of certain levels or traits of your characters, you know where to go. A professional player will boost your account and show you all the secrets of the game!


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