Rechargeable Lights – For when the lights go down

As South Africans, we are no strangers to the lights going down and navigating life in the dark. The reality of load shedding has left us scrambling for alternative light solutions. Rechargeable lights have become an essential device as an affordable and functional alternative for those times when you just need some light on the subject or for those emergency situations. 

The wonder of rechargeable lights and torches is that they are ready to stand in the gap when the power goes down (as long as you remember to charge them). We think Edison would be very impressed! 

Even if you have an inverter or generator for backup – these unsung LED superheroes of the lighting world should definitely have a place in your home, car and camping gear. 

Carry on with daily life

Load shedding has been no respecter of persons or routines. But life needs to go on and bathing babies, feeding toddlers, reading little ones a bedtime story and tweens doing Maths homework cannot take a pause just because there is no power. 

This is where reachable lights really come into their own, creating comfort and light for certain everyday evening activities to continue. Once fully charged, battery backup for these lamps will generally provide you with at least 4-8 hours of full brightness with no fluctuations. So, that night-time game of Scrabble or your puzzle building can continue, uninterrupted, even when the dark closes in. 

Light intensity will vary in LED rechargeable lights.  For reading purposes, you will need 450 lumens in intensity and to light an average size room you will need 1700 lumens.

Explore the outdoors

Hikers, outdoor adventurers and camping enthusiasts have been singing the praises of lightweight rechargeable lights and torches for years. In fact, they are quite smug as they already have an array of these. When it comes to light sources, there is a huge variety to choose from. There are even water-resistant options with different lighting modes for cyclists to add to their handlebars for night biking.  

From pitching tents after sundown, wandering to the loo in the middle of the night or going on a prowl to view the nocturnal wildlife, rechargeable lights –  in all shapes and sizes – are your outdoor BFF. (Even Bear Grylls would have to agree). 

Rechargeable lights

Stay safe

Yet another unfortunate reality facing South Africans, is the responsibility of added home security solutions. Arm yourself with the intense LED  brightness of little rechargeable flashlights or torches with a strobe light function as an additional security measure. They will create a high intensity and disorienting blast of blinding light for self-defence purposes, as well as signalling for help. You can take one of these little tactical torches with you wherever you go. 

Be prepared on the road

Every car needs a rechargeable light or torch in its emergency kit – for security reasons as well as general for everyday scenarios such as a car breakdown in the middle of nowhere, changing a tyre in the dark or checking under the bonnet for any signs of engine trouble. 

Allay nighttime fears

When bad dreams or monsters under the bed disrupt a child’s sleeping routine, LED rechargeable lights are the perfect heroes to dispel these fears and calm a little one back to sleep. 

No matter what size you choose or how many you get – rechargeable lights are an investment and a quintessential emergency tool. Every home needs one or more of these ‘power tools.’ 

And when the lights go down – and they will – you will be so glad you shopped online and are prepared for the dark.