10 things I noticed after switching to Pixel Buds Pro

I’m a big earbuds person. On any given day, I might use them to tune into audiobooks during my noisy commute, connect to work meetings, catch up with my family and listen to music during jogs with my dog. When I recently found myself in need of a new pair, I decided to make the switch and try out the Pixel Buds Pro. Here are 10 things I noticed — and loved — in my first two weeks with my new buds.

1. I connected to my buds in seconds.

One of my biggest gripes about getting new devices is the time it can take to set them up. But getting started with my new Pixel Buds Pro took less than a minute. I simply opened the charging case — from there a notification appeared to connect the earbuds. I was also able to connect easily to other devices on different operating systems, like my laptop, by pressing and holding the pairing button on my case.

2. The eartip seal check personalized my fit.

Every time I get a new pair of earbuds, they’re either too big or small, make my ears throb or just fall out. My Pixel Buds Pro came with three differently sized eartips to test and I found the eartip seal check during setup super helpful. The check automatically detected and measured how the buds fit me and suggested I try a different eartip size in my right ear. I also love that since they’re designed to be comfortable and actively relieve the “plugged-ear” feeling that can happen with earbuds, I can easily wear them for hours.