14 fun details I noticed in my first 14 days with a Pixel

3. The Pixel 6a feels light in my hand.

There’s nothing bulky about it. It weighs about 6.3 ounces — which is about the same as six pencils! I’ve always had metal phones, and the Pixel’s light tactile alloy frame is something I didn’t think I would notice, but definitely do.

4. The haptic feedback feel is satisfying.

Every device has its own unique haptic feel — that slight vibration that signals a notification — and I really enjoy how the haptic feedback feels on the Pixel 6a. That’s because the technology powering this mechanism was upgraded with the Pixel 6 family, resulting in tighter, more precise vibrations.

5. My Pixel’s lock screen looks lovely every time.

When my phone is asleep and I unlock it from the blank screen, the thumbprint icon lights up and illuminates the screen, and it’s really beautiful. It’s little things like this that caught my eye when I booted up my Pixel for the first time.

6. I’m also a big fan of the charging screen.

When my Pixel is turned off and charging, the screen displays a cool light-up effect showing how much charge it has. It’s a fun visual, and it’s also nice to see immediately how much battery my Pixel 6a has left.