3 ways Android work profile can help your business

3. Improve employee productivity and work-life balance

Beyond security and device management, work profile also offers productivity tools for employees — like Phone Hub for easy access to phone content on Chromebooks; Intuitive Context Switching between work and personal profiles; Smart Dictation for quick and efficient communication; and Near Field Communications (NFC) for mobile payments and keycard support.

Work profile packs some helpful digital well-being features as well. You can easily toggle off work notifications at the end of the day or even schedule them on select devices. And the digital well-being dashboard shows key activities, like how much time you spend in apps and how often you unlock your phone, to help you set personal goals.

“By enrolling personal devices with the Android work profile, we know we are not only protecting our data and services, but we can prove to our employees that, with the work profile, ‘What you have here is your work life, what you have here is your personal life.’ And that has revolutionized the way our teams use their mobile devices,” says Simon Hardy-Bistagne, Director of Solution Architecture at Schneider Electric.