3 ways automation can help publishers succeed

3. Streamline workflows

With employees working from home, a streamlined workflow can help you manage your business more efficiently. Ad Manager automation can help by providing access to different demand sources more effectively and offering troubleshooting tools that make it easy to solve ads-related issues in your account. 

Ad Manager API, for instance, helps you unlock the power of automation for your Live Events workflow. You can schedule, create or pause Live Streaming events all through the API — without ever having to navigate through the Ad Manager user interface — and integrate with your existing internal workflow processes. This also makes it easier to scale as you increase the number of Live Events and schedule them in the future.

This is just a preview of what we’re working on. To learn more, read our new automation guide and get the entire picture of where we are. For years to come, the efficiency gains made possible by machine learning will continue to offer some of the greatest engines for online advertising success. We’re devoted to helping you make the most of your inventory so you can keep adapting to our ever-changing world. Understanding what technology can do today is the best way to anticipate what it will be able to do tomorrow.