4 resilience lessons from Spanish travel startups

1. Go with the flow.

If there is one thing that defines a startup, it is the ability to adapt, and to adapt fast. Andrea Cayon, co-founder of Passporter, appreciated learning from other startup founders and Google analysts on how to analyze changes in travel demand and respond to travelers’ new preferences, like outdoor and nature destinations. Passporter helps people improve their travel experiences by sharing socially curated itineraries and trip recommendations. For Andrea, having access to a startup founder community that fosters knowledge and experience sharing is key to growing her business. 

This level of networking and knowledge-sharing with other entrepreneurs didn’t exist two decades ago when Destinia, another travel startup participating in the program, was founded. “There were no doors to knock on, no one to ask for advice,” says Destinia’s co-founder, Amuda Goueli. “You could waste a whole year if you chose the wrong route.” That’s why, for Goueli, being part of a community like Google for Startups helps her find and test new ideas on how to grow her business.