4 strategies to drive durable app growth in 2023

Strengthen core ads revenue to nurture growth

Changes in consumer purchase behaviors can affect overall ad spend, cost per install, and eCPM, which directly impact app earnings. Doubling down on strengthening ads revenue can lay a solid foundation to nurture growth and innovations.

Access to a diverse range of ad sources can improve your app’s revenue potential. Last year, we welcomed Pangle and Vungle to join the existing 200+ demand-side platforms which include Google Ads and Display & Video 360. We’ll continue to introduce more throughout 2023.

Along with access to strong demand, the flexibility to control and optimize how each ad source bids for your inventory will help take ad revenue earning to the next level. You can easily set up real-time bidding, design sophisticated mediation chains, or build a hybrid system to best suit your needs with the AdMob platform.

Mattel163, the name behind the popular card game UNO!TM, chose Google AdMob for ad mediation and later integrated bidding to further scale its revenue. The result was an impressive 12% increase in total ad revenue with the hybrid setup of mediation and bidding.