4 ways to use your Google Play Points

Google Play Points rewards you for all the ways you use Google Play, whether you make an in-app purchase, buy an audiobook or try a featured app or game. And since its launch in 2018, members have earned billions of Play Points.

Here are four ways you can redeem your points, including for Google merchandise and new offers from partners like DoorDash, Povo2.0 and Instacart.

1. Explore other app offers

We work with partners around the world so you can redeem Play Points for offers in other apps. Right now, U.S. members can redeem points for $10 off their next DoorDash order and $10 off their next grocery delivery with Instacart. And soon, Japan members can redeem for 24 hours of unlimited data through Povo2.0.

2. Grab some Google merchandise

Swap your points for new gear. Starting today, U.S. members can redeem points for Google merchandise such as a t-shirt, sunglasses, a water bottle and Chrome Dino socks.