5 Chrome extensions that help me get more done

4. Save content to Google Drive with a click of a button

When I’m working on a project or big launch, I can receive hundreds of image and video files a week. Keeping them all organized is crucial. Thankfully, the Save to Google Drive extension allows me to easily save documents, images and videos with just a click. After the content is saved, I can easily open, rename or view the file in Google Drive. And I can quickly find it in Drive by sorting by file type (Docs, Slides, etc.), owner, location, the last date it was modified and even by files that have open comments assigned to me.

5. Take a breather to reset throughout the day

One of my goals this year is to take more screen breaks throughout the day. Taking regular breaks allows me to come back to projects and meetings focused and energized, but I often forget to get up and stretch, particularly on days when I’m in multiple meetings or working toward a deadline. I can set the Mindful Break extension to remind me to take a break after a certain number of hours or at a specific time each day. On days when I’m feeling like I need a little extra boost, I also use the “random” reminder. It also offers guided breathing exercises.