5 tips to confidently shop and pay online with Google

We’ve all experienced some version of buyer’s remorse: You buy something full price, then see it on sale in another store. You buy a beauty product online, then find out it’s not the right shade. Or maybe worst of all, you buy something online and your credit card information gets compromised.

These situations are frustrating. So we’re sharing five tips to help you feel more confident when you shop and pay online.

1. Find the best deal with price insights and promotion badges.

Just because something’s on sale doesn’t always mean it’s the best deal. In fact, only 50% of shoppers feel confident in their ability to spot a good deal. Google’s Shopping Graph, which scans and stores more than 35 billion product listings across the web, can help ease some of those anxieties. For instance, the Shopping Graph powers our price insights feature, which shows you how a product’s price has changed over time and whether the price for a product is low, typical or high compared to other retailers across the web.

Promo codes are another helpful way to save money, but shoppers say it can be hard to find active ones. Our coupon clipping feature can help you easily identify and use promo codes. Just look for a “special offers” promotion badge on a product, tap the item and “clip” the coupon — or, in this case, just copy and paste it to the retailer’s site once you’re ready to buy.