5 tips to stay safer online with Chrome

As online risks have grown, our “privacy by design” approach with Chrome means that you can complete a purchase online, get work done, or pay off a bill with a little more peace of mind. Built-in features like Google Password Manager makes signing in safe and seamless across your devices and helps catch compromised passwords. Along with providing strong security default protections, we make privacy controls easy to find, understand, and use in Chrome. While many of these features are widely known, Chrome includes many privacy settings and security features that may be new to you.

So, to celebrate Data Privacy Day, we’re sharing five ways to stay safer online with Chrome.

1. Need a hand? Take a stroll through Privacy Guide

We introduced Privacy Guide, a step-by-step of key privacy and security controls in Chrome, to guide you through privacy options when you enable history sync or select Enhanced Safe Browsing for faster, proactive protection against dangerous websites, downloads and extensions.