6 Google tools to make day-to-day math a lot easier

Even if you don’t do math as part of your job, everyone has to crunch numbers in day-to-day life at some point. Depending on your comfort with math, that can be no big deal — or it can be a challenge. As someone who lives with a math-related learning disability, I fall into the latter category. Luckily, I’ve found a few tools that can help me more easily navigate my day-to-day encounters with math. These tools aren’t specifically made for people with disabilities — they’re meant to be helpful for everyone. But as someone who has always struggled with math, I’m a fan.

Google Lens

Get homework help with pictures in Google Lens

Once a week after work, I leave the Google office and head to a local after school program where I provide homework help to students. Seeing the students and hearing about their days is something I look forward to every week, but I tense up when they ask me to assist with math homework. Not just because I have a math learning disability, but also because it’s been ages since I’ve had to find the square root of anything!

When we’re stuck on a homework problem, we use Google Lens to take a photo of the equation. This gives us step-by-step instructions and detailed breakdowns to help us understand concepts.