7 Chrome features to easily plan your next trip

4. Automatically translate pages

If you’re traveling to another country, you may have to navigate websites in an unfamiliar language. With Chrome, you can easily translate information like tour descriptions, restaurant menus and transportation schedules in over 130 languages.

5. Organize your planning tabs

When you’re searching for hotels, activities, transportation and restaurants for your upcoming trip, it’s easy to open up a lot of tabs. To keep them under control, try categorizing each page you visit into color-coded tab groups and labeling them as you go. For example, you can create groups for different categories like lodging, flights and activities. You can also search for open tabs directly from the address bar. Simply type “@tabs,” select “Search Tabs” and type in the title to see suggestions.

6. Browse smoothly with Memory Saver

Speaking of, Memory Saver can keep your computer running smoothly when you have a bunch of planning tabs open. It frees up memory from tabs you aren’t currently using and prioritizes your active ones for faster browsing. Your less-frequented tabs will reload when you need them again. To set this up, head to the Performance section in your Settings and toggle Memory Saver on.