A new destination for creative and media collaboration

Mitchell Pok, Director, Creative Services & Technology at MightyHive and an early tester said, “The initial experience with Ads Creative Studio has been really promising; the potential for the platform to make creative production across teams and formats seamless and efficient is a game changer.”

For brands, Ads Creative Studio allows you to consolidate and collaborate across creative and media teams while giving them control over what content and campaign data is shared. For creative partners, it’s a one-stop-shop to discover, build and iterate on innovative display, audio and video formats. And for all customers our goal is to help improve operational efficiency, reduce barriers and make it easier to scale ads across channels.

Ads Creative Studio will be available in beta to Display & Video 360 customers at the end of July and to select YouTube Ads customers in September. Additional features will be made available to a wider group of users over the following months.