A policy agenda for responsible AI progress: Opportunity, Responsibility, Security

As Sundar said at this month’s Google I/O, the growth of AI is as big a technology shift as we’ve seen. The advancements in today’s AI models are not just creating new ways to engage with information, find the right words, or discover new places, they’re helping people break entirely new scientific and technological ground.

We stand on the cusp of a new era, letting us reimagine the ways we can significantly improve the lives of billions of people, help businesses thrive and grow, and support society in answering our toughest questions. At the same time, we all must be clear-eyed that AI will come with risks and challenges.

Against this backdrop, we’re committed to moving forward boldly, responsibly, and in partnership with others.

Calls for a halt to technological advances are unlikely to be successful or effective, and risk missing out on AI’s substantial benefits and falling behind those who embrace its potential. Instead, we need broad-based efforts — across government, companies, universities, and more — to help translate technological breakthroughs into widespread benefits, while mitigating risks.

When I outlined the need for a Shared Agenda for Responsible AI Progress a few weeks ago, I said individual practices, shared industry standards, and sound government policies would be essential to getting AI right. Today we’re releasing a white paper with policy recommendations for AI in which we encourage governments to focus on three key areas — unlocking opportunity, promoting responsibility, and enhancing security: