AI-powered coding, free of charge with Colab

Since 2017, Google Colab has been the easiest way to start programming in Python. Over 7 million people, including students, already use Colab to access these powerful computing resources, free of charge, without having to install or manage any software. It’s a great tool for machine learning, data analysis, and education — and now it’s getting even better with advances in AI.

Today, we’re announcing that Colab will soon add AI coding features like code completions, natural language to code generation and even a code-assisting chatbot. Colab will use Codey, a family of code models built on PaLM 2, which was just announced at I/O last week. Codey was fine-tuned on a large dataset of high quality, permissively licensed code from external sources to improve performance on coding tasks. Plus, the versions of Codey being used to power Colab have been customized especially for Python and for Colab-specific uses.