An update on our clean energy progress in 2022

This past year was also a defining year for growing and refining our approach to clean energy. Since Google announced the goal of achieving net-zero emissions across our operations and value chain, including our consumer hardware products, by 2030, we have expanded our focus on value chain emissions and engaged our partners and suppliers to advance solutions to quantify, track, and reduce emissions.

As we build out our roadmap to net-zero emissions, one early lesson we’ve learned is that clean energy is just as critical to reducing emissions from our facilities and value chain as it is to our data center and office campus electricity consumption. Building and vehicle electrification will be necessary to enable our facilities to run on CFE, and we’ll need to increase our CFE procurement to power these facilities cleanly. Looking across our broader value chain, a significant share of our suppliers’ emissions trace back to the electricity grids that power them. Accelerating clean energy will be critical to helping our suppliers reduce their emissions, and we look forward to working with them to drive more CFE deployment around the world and unlock its benefits for people and the planet.

Looking ahead to 2023, we’re excited to expand our clean energy ambition as we continue on the path to net-zero emissions. We’ll continue to focus our efforts on maximizing our contribution to global decarbonization, and to share our progress as we work with our partners to build new CFE projects, advance new technologies, and advocate for new policy and market innovation.