Announcing the launch of the new Ads Transparency Center

We know how important it is for you to learn more about the ads you see online. More than 30 million people interact with Google’s ads transparency and control menus every day. That’s why over the past five years, we’ve invested in delivering better ways for you to learn more about the ads you see and keep you in control.

Today, the Ads Transparency Center will start rolling out to users around the world to help you quickly and easily learn more about the ads you see from Google, including Search, YouTube and Display.

The Ads Transparency Center builds on a long history of working to provide you with more information about your advertisers. In 2018, we began requiring advertisers who wish to run election ads on our platforms to go through a verification process and include an in-ad disclosure that clearly shows who paid for the ad. In 2020, we took this one step further by introducing a global advertiser identity verification program that requires Google advertisers to verify information about their businesses, where they operate from and what they’re selling or promoting. Last fall, we launched My Ad Center globally, our newest and most user-centric way to help you control the ads you see on Search, YouTube and Discover — directly from the ads themselves.