Customize your next drive and tap into the zodiac with Waze

Zodiac driving experience

And this month, Waze is tapping into the all-knowing cosmos to find out if you navigate like a Saggitarius or a Scorpio, thanks to the latest driving experience: Zodiac.

Drive with a vehicle and Mood outfitted for your sign and embody your true colors on the road. Our navigation guide is well-versed in astrology and knows how to get all types of personalities to their final destination — whether you’re a fiery Aries, a balanced Libra, an independent Aquarius, an ambitious Taurus, a spontaneous Gemini, an intuitive Cancer, a detail-oriented Virgo, an intense Capricorn, a whimsical Pisces, a dramatic Leo, a free-spirited Sagitttarius or a loyal Scorpio. She does it with love, life advice and a little teasing.

Drivers can tap into the all-knowing cosmos with an astrological guide that pairs directions and readings in perfect harmony via Customize your drive in the US (or click here to activate) and via the left menu in the Waze app the rest of the world (or by clicking here).