Fitbit Premium launches StrongWill with Will Smith

Finishing “strong”

As we enter the last stretch of 2021, we all want to finish strong and establish better habits for the new year — but what does that truly mean? Being strong looks different for everybody, whether strong in body, mind or heart. Take it from Will. “I’ve really come to understand that strength is so much more than a physical ability, it’s mental and emotional too,” Will says. “It’s not just about how many abs you have or how big your biceps are, but can you push yourself to try new things, get better at the work you’re already doing and stick with it? That requires a different kind of strength.”

You don’t have to do it alone — grab a friend, family member or neighbor, just as Will’s community has been sharing their own inspiring stories with him.

You can peek into the strides Will is making to round out the year with better health in YouTube Originals’ new unscripted series, “Best Shape of My Life,” premiering Monday, November 8 on his YouTube channel. This emotionally packed five-day event from Westbrook Media peels back the curtain on what makes Will Smith truly tick as he is pushed to his limits and questions the very behaviors that have led to his success — and ultimately it’s on this search where his healing can begin.

Also in November, Fitbit is sponsoring the five-city tour of Will’s memoir, “Will,” in support of his path toward wellness and the many “steps” that go into an international book tour. The “Will” memoir shines a light on his path to understanding where outer success, inner happiness and human connection are aligned.

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