Get helpful context with About this image

With this background information on an image, you can get a better understanding of whether an image is reliable — or if you need to take a second look. For example, with About this image, you’d be able to see that news articles pointed out that this image depicting a staged moon landing was AI-generated.

You’ll be able to find this tool by clicking on the three dots on an image in Google Images results, searching with an image or screenshot in Google Lens, or by swiping up in the Google App when you’re on a page and come across an image you want to learn more about. Later this year, you’ll also be able to use it by right-clicking or long-pressing on an image in Chrome on desktop and mobile.

Today we’re also announcing that as we begin to roll out generative image capabilities, we will ensure that every one of our AI-generated images has a markup in the original file to give you context if you come across it outside of our platforms. Creators and publishers will be able to add similar markups, so you’ll be able to see a label in images in Google Search, marking them as AI-generated. You can expect to see these from several publishers including Midjourney, Shutterstock, and others in the coming months.