How 4 Black Founders Fund recipients are building with AI

Startups are key to solving today’s biggest challenges and a huge driver of innovation — and artificial intelligence is one of their sharpest tools. Virtual assistants, customized content, traffic apps, spell check, mobile check deposit and live captioning constitute just a small fraction of the everyday solutions using AI — and many of these technologies were first developed by startups.

AI learns from those who build it, so it is critical to have people of all backgrounds helping shape the technology to ensure its effectiveness, reduce bias and create better solutions for everyone. As Director of Product Inclusion and Equity at Google, I love to see Black founders tap into the power of our Google AI tech to help their communities and transform the way our products work and operate.

In honor of Black History Month in the U.S., I asked four Google for Startups Black Founders Fund recipients from around the world and across different industries how they’re using Google AI technology to address societal challenges. These incredible Black entrepreneurs demonstrate why every startup—not just those with historically marginalized founders— should be prioritizing inclusive AI.