How Googlers are honoring Hindu Heritage Month

Divya Hariharan

Software Engineer, Google Research & AI

Hindu cultures across the world have different ways of celebrating each festival. In my community, we keep Golu for Navaratri, which is the practice of displaying festive dolls. I have very fond memories of going around to friends’ and family members’ houses to admire Golu displays, sing devotional songs, eat prasadam (food offered to the gods) and enjoy the variety of festive food.

My mother always said, “Good intentions lead to good outcomes.” Most Hindu festivals signify the victory of good over evil, and the same is true of Navaratri. The true fight lies within, as our inner light struggles to emanate and shine through a haze of internal demons like anger, desire, envy, ego, pride, greed and fear. The goal is to conquer these demons and allow for our divine energy to emerge victorious and make the world a happier and better place.