How to find Noto in Google Docs, Slides, Sheets and Sites

Maybe you write in Adlam. Previously, you couldn’t use Google Docs to type in that language, because there was no font available for it. Well, now you can by using Noto Sans Adlam.

Noto also includes characters with diacritic marks, which are needed in many languages. For example, tonal languages such as Yoruba use characters that are not available in many popular Latin fonts, including: ẹ ẹ́ ẹ̀ ọ ọ́ ọ̀ ṣ ń ǹ n̄ ḿ m̀ m̄.

The Founder of the Noto program, Bob Jung, who is now director of internationalization at Google, is focused on the underlying promise of open source Noto fonts to improve accessibility, globally. That has been a key goal from the start of the program, and Bob recently observed, “The addition of new fonts builds on years of ongoing work. Noto’s ambition is to provide a basic high quality font family covering all online languages with a harmonious design for aesthetic intermixing of languages — which is especially useful for the inclusion of ‘long-tail’ languages, and expanding accessibility.”