How we achieve privacy through innovation

Keeping the internet open, private and safe is at the core of everything we do. That’s why we incorporate our Protected Computing approach in larger industry efforts too, like the Privacy Sandbox project. By using a variety of privacy-enhancing technical solutions, including on-device processing, trusted execution environments and private state tokens, the Privacy Sandbox will protect and strengthen user privacy online while giving developers and businesses the tools they need to grow their business.

Similarly, we’re leading an industry-wide effort to enable passwordless sign-in across every device, website and application — on any platform, using the security capabilities of your devices like Touch ID and Face ID. Passkeys will help address significant security concerns associated with password-based authentication, and we’ll use Protected Computing to help keep your passkey credentials safe and private and in your exclusive control.

Protected Computing paves the way for the next generation of innovative experiences, while raising the bar for privacy and safety. By minimizing the amount of data stored, de-identifying it so it is not linked to the user, and restricting access to it from others, Protected Computing will technically ensure the privacy and safety of your data.

Visit the Safety Center to learn more about how we’re protecting your privacy.