How we work with cultural institutions to bring their collections to everyone

For over a decade, Google Arts & Culture has helped cultural institutions like museums share their stories and reach wider audiences. In today’s fast-paced digital era, there’s been a significant shift in the way museums and other cultural organizations have used technology to share their stories and collections. Engaging content has always been essential, but over the years we’ve learned that its adaptability across platforms is paramount.For International Museum Day on May 18th — an annual celebration honoring the role of museums as agents of cultural exchange, enrichment and education — we’re exploring three ways a simple yet powerful feature, such as embedding content, has helped empower institutions to seamlessly share their narratives across diverse platforms.1) Enhance the collectionEmbed isn’t just about accessibility — it’s about amplifying impact. Most cultural institutions around the world make their collections visible on their websites. Embedding Google Arts & Culture content can offer deeper insights into a theme, such as the Museum of Art and Photography in India, which has embedded Matchbox Momentos, a playful exploration of its archives with the help of AI; or by offering an exploration of paintings in high resolution at London’s Courtauld Gallery or the Malba Museum in Buenos Aires.