JYSK boosts frontline teams with Android Enterprise

Editor’s note: Flemming Thøgersen is Team Manager and Stinus Stoumann Hoeks is Senior IT Consultant of IT Client Infrastructure for JYSK, an international retailer based in Denmark.

JYSK is an international home retailer with Scandinavian roots, and our mission is to make it easy to furnish every room in any home. With more than 3,000 stores in 51 countries and a strong online presence, JYSK always has great selections and service, no matter how customers want to shop.

Android Enterprise has been key to sustaining our retail operations during the COVID-19 pandemic and giving our frontline retail workers more powerful digital tools. Our store colleagues use smartphones to enhance the in-store customer experience through quickly fulfilling click-to-collect orders and answering customer questions with ready access to our digital services. We’re also using dedicated Android tablets to gather customer feedback for continually improving our support.

Enhancing the in-store experience

Android smartphones are central to our digital retail strategy, with a deployment of over 10,000 devices across our stores. They’re essential for keeping our retail store electronic shelf labels updated with the latest product information. These digital displays on our product shelves show the item price, description and other helpful information for our customers. We use our Android devices to link each electronic shelf label to its merchandise with an NFC tag. 

With mobility being so critical to a consistent digital initiative, we place high value on the enrollment and management experience. Device setup through Android Enterprise is simple and streamlined with zero-touch enrollment — this enabled our IT team to quickly enroll devices and apply the key configurations at scale. It’s a streamlined process and reduces the complexities and potential errors that can occur with manual device setup.

Our IT admins use managed Google Play for enterprise app distribution, which has been invaluable for ensuring our teams have the internal communication, productivity and inventory apps available on their Android devices. Employees access JYSK inventory systems on their Android smartphones to answer in-store customer questions about the merchandise. They are able to check for the availability of JYSK products on our web store, looking up pricing information and giving the customers the answers they need right away. The devices are also essential for staying in touch with colleagues in store and across the company, and connecting to other essential JYSK internal services.