Learn more about the person behind the news article

Individual voices play an important role in the news and information we consume. With so many complex, important stories unfolding daily, people not only rely on specific publishers for the latest news, but also increasingly turn to trusted individual journalists, authors and experts.  

We’re committed to helping people access timely, authoritative news and information from a variety of different sources, as well as investing to help sustain a quality news ecosystem. Earlier this year, we launched Full Coverage in Search to make it easier to explore all aspects of a story from different perspectives. We also launched the fact-checking Open Fund to help journalists around the world correct misconceptions that circulate online and offline. Today, we’re rolling out a beta feature in Search to help people learn more about an individual journalist or author by more prominently highlighting their recent work. 

Currently when you search for a certain journalist or author, you might see an information box (also known as a knowledge panel) at the top of your results that provides a quick snapshot of information about that person. Starting today for a small subset of these journalists, we’ll begin including a carousel of their published articles on the search results page. This carousel will help you quickly understand what subjects that person has recently covered and make it easy for you to find some of their latest work.