Nakisha Wynn helps other moms build profitable blogs

Do you keep an editorial calendar? 

For sure! There’s no way I could stay on task and create as much content as I do without one. I posted a video on How to Create a Content Calendar. It’s essential — especially if you have other businesses or if you’re working other jobs — to stay on task to make sure you’re staying up on trends. 

Is blogging still worth it?

Absolutely! I think it’s important for people to have a place to go to, to see what you’re all about. People will watch you for months before they even reach out. If I only have your social media to go to, I don’t really know what your story is. I want to go to your blog. I want to see your website’s “About” section. You need a home and a place to house your information, and to [show] who you are about so that when people are ready to pay you, they can have somewhere to come and knock on the door to give you the check.

You put out so much content. Are you a one-woman show?

This is a one-woman show! Listen, it can be done. It takes hard work, persistence and dedication. You got to really want this, and I really want this. For me, it is such an absolute pleasure and privilege to be able to do something I absolutely love every single day.