New action to combat cyber crime

Making the Internet Safer

Unfortunately, Glupteba’s use of blockchain technology as a resiliency mechanism is notable here and is becoming a more common practice among cyber crime organizations. The decentralized nature of blockchain allows the botnet to recover more quickly from disruptions, making them that much harder to shutdown. We are working closely with industry and government as we combat this type of behavior, so that even if Glupteba returns, the internet will be better protected against it.

Our goal is to bring awareness to these issues to protect our users and the broader ecosystem, and to prevent future malicious activity.

We don’t just plug security holes, we work to eliminate entire classes of threats for consumers and businesses whose work depends on the Internet. We have teams of analysts and security experts who are dedicated to identifying and stopping issues like DDoS, phishing campaigns, zero-day vulnerabilities, and hacking against Google, our products, and our users.

Taking proactive actions like this are critical to our security. We understand and recognize the threats the Internet faces, and we are doing our part to address them.



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