New cybersecurity training to help build a safer world

Security has always been at the core of Google’s products, and we’ve long worked to protect people, businesses and governments by sharing our expertise and advancing cybersecurity tools and resources. This work has only become more urgent: Cyberattacks increased globally by 38% last year, placing critical infrastructure such as governments, hospitals and electrical grids at greater risk. Despite the pressing need to address this threat, there are currently more than 750,000 unfilled cybersecurity jobs in the U.S. There is also an opportunity to improve the diversity of the industry, as Hispanic, Black, and female workers are underrepresented in the field.

Google is committed to partnering with others to help build a robust cybersecurity workforce, expanding the pathways to join this critical field. Today, we’re announcing the launch of the Google Cybersecurity Certificate as the newest addition to our Google Career Certificates, which provide job seekers with affordable paths to careers in data analytics, IT support, business intelligence and more.

Part of our broader Google commitment to developing the cybersecurity workforce, the Certificate is designed and taught by Google’s cybersecurity experts. It will prepare learners for entry-level jobs in cybersecurity in less than six months with no prior experience required, create greater opportunities for people around the world and help fill the growing number of open cyber roles.

More than 150,000 people have graduated from our Google Career Certificates in the U.S., and 75% of graduates report a positive career impact, such as a new job, higher pay or a promotion within six months of completion. Fifty-five percent of graduates identify as Asian, Black or Latino.