New partnerships and 100,000 security keys to protect high-risk individuals

IFES is an expert non-partisan non profit with over 35 years of experience helping democracies in 145 countries. With more than 100 engagements to date, IFES has conducted security trainings for high-risk individuals in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Libya, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Ukraine, Georgia, Iraq, Lebanon, Ecuador and Uganda. IFES and Google will partner to provide valuable online safety resources to high-risk users across the world, including:

  • Security training: In collaboration with Google’s Safety Engineering Center, IFES will expand its curriculum to address the evolving threat environment, account security best practices and create content for specialized audiences. Cybersecurity content will be built into a range of trainings for journalists, activists, civil society members and election officials. IFES will also highlight content for high-risk users that have been underserved by online safety and security education.
  • Raising awareness on security tools across 30 countries: Google’s tools and resources for high-risk individuals will be shared to IFES’ international networks, helping more people use things like Advanced Protection Program (APP), our strongest form of account security for high-risk users, Google Titan Security Keys, Project Shield, a free tool to help protect sites from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, and more.
  • Industry thought leadership and case studies: IFES will highlight evolving trends and share insights to help Google contextualize how IFES’ partners engage with its products, to keep improving. Google will also provide insights from its Threat Analysis Group (TAG) to help IFES further understand evolving trends from threat actors trying to undermine the democratic process.