New partnerships with news organizations to support journalists

New techniques to combat the spread of misinformation online in Europe

Sifting through all the content available on the web can feel overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to determine what information is accurate and which may be misinformation. We’re sharing some new techniques people can use to fact check information.

For instance, ‘pre-bunking’ is a one of the new methods for reducing the effectiveness of misinformation campaigns before individuals ever encounter them by warning individuals of attempts to manipulate them. After a successful pilot in Poland, Czechia and Slovakia, Jigsaw and Google will launch a prebunking campaign in Germany this summer, partnering with German nonprofits, fact checkers, scientists and disinformation experts.

Journalists are under tremendous pressure, and often find themselves covering increasingly complex and critical topics. These new initiatives aim to equip European journalists with the technology and tools to help them do their jobs. I’m grateful to each of our partners for working side by side with us to deliver these new initiatives and to everyone we met with at the International Journalism Festival this week.