New security features for all Google One plans

It can feel impossible to complete certain tasks without being online: We look things up, pay bills, book appointments, shop, share photos and connect with family and friends. With so much at stake, we want to make sure that information stays protected.

All Google One plans already come with more storage to keep your files, photos and videos safely backed up. And now for additional layers of security (and peace of mind), we’re expanding VPN by Google One to all plans and introducing dark web report in the U.S. to help you better monitor your personal information.

VPN access now available for all Google One plans

VPN by Google One adds more protection to your internet activity no matter what apps or browsers you use, shielding it from hackers or network operators by masking your IP address. Without a VPN, the sites and apps you visit could use your IP address to track your activity or determine your location. Plus, we take several steps to make sure no one can tie your network traffic to your identity.

Starting today, and rolling out over the next few weeks, we’re expanding VPN access to all Google One plans, including the Basic plan that starts at $1.99/mo. The VPN will be available in 22 countries across Android, iOS, Windows and Mac devices. You can also share the VPN with up to five others if they’re on your Google One plan.