New ways Android is improving your drive

Between commuting and running errands, you can spend a lot of time in your car. In fact, U.S. drivers spend almost 70 billion hours behind the wheel every year. But thanks to bigger screens and more advanced technology built into vehicles, it can be time well spent — with apps and features specifically designed to help you make the most of your drive.

Today we’re sharing new updates for vehicles compatible with Android Auto and cars with Google built-in to help drivers safely and easily navigate, stay connected and keep themselves entertained — both on and off the road.

Access your favorite apps and join meetings with Android Auto

Available in nearly 200 million cars by the end of this year, the newly redesigned Android Auto brings the best of your phone into your car. You can access thousands of media, messaging, navigation, parking and charging apps right from your car display.

You can also stay productive on the go. Soon you’ll be able to join important meetings without taking your eyes off the road. We’re working with partners to bring Microsoft Teams, Webex by Cisco and Zoom to the car so you can easily join a scheduled meeting by audio from your display.