Our latest commitments to countering disinformation in Central and Eastern Europe

Google is committed to fighting the spread of misinformation online. We take the task of providing access to high quality, trustworthy, and credible content very seriously. And we’re not doing it alone. We continuously adapt our policies, product features and technologies to prevent abuse, as well as openly sharing our technology, supporting fact-checkers and academics globally, testing innovative prebunking campaigns and participating in the strengthened EU Code of Practice on Disinformation.

Today, we are announcing new long-term partnerships we’ve established across Central and Eastern Europe, a region considered highly vulnerable to disinformation and propaganda due to its geographic proximity to the war in Ukraine. An issue that was highlighted in a recent IPSOS survey, conducted in cooperation with Central European Digital Media Observatory (CEDMO). In the Baltics, we’ve entered into long-term partnership with the Civic Resilience Initiative and the Baltic Center for Media Excellence. These two established and well-respected organizations will receive €1.3 million in funding from Google to build on their impactful work towards increasing media literacy, building further resilience and actively tackling disinformation in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Furthermore, we are partnering with the Charles University in Prague, the main research center of the CEDMO project, and providing €1 million in funding for CEDMO to further expand its research into information disorders (such as misinformation, disinformation or clickbait), and work to increase the level of media and digital literacy in Poland, Czechia and Slovakia.