Photos gets a new look for Memories and a collage editor

As always, you have the control to hide photos of certain people or time periods from showing up in Memories so you can relive the moments you want to.

See your Memories brought to life

When you have hundreds of photos, it’s hard to manually scroll through your library to relive important moments. That’s my favorite thing about Memories — Google Photos does the work of resurfacing those moments so you can reminisce. I love seeing my old photos in a new light with creative edits like animations, Cinematic photos and collages.

Cinematic photos — the vibrant, moving, 3D representations of your photos shown in Memories — have quickly become one of our most-saved visual effects since they launched in 2020. Soon, you’ll begin to see full Cinematic Memories that transform multiple still photos into an end-to-end cinematic experience, taking you back to that moment in time. Cinematic Memories will also have music, making your photos feel a little more like a movie.