Pier 57, a love letter to New York City

Dear New York,

At our first meeting 20 years ago, we were just a single employee working in an Upper West Side coffee shop, dreaming of what was possible in this incredible city. Even then, we realized how special you were — sidewalks bustling with talented people from all over; neighborhoods filled with unrivaled educational and cultural institutions; and an unyielding sense of community. It was, as they say, love at first sight.

Soon after, we decided to put roots down and made a home along the Hudson River. Twenty years later, that love has grown with more than 12,000 Googlers who now call New York City home.

Over the past two decades, we’ve seen a lot together and found ways to come together. During the COVID pandemic, we made sure our community had access to vaccines and invested in startups that could help with New York’s recovery. We’ve worked to keep the city vibrant and full of life supporting local nonprofits, small businesses and artists. And along the way, we’ve made sure that the people who make this city so spirited — New Yorkers — have access to products that keep them safe, food to keep them fed and opportunities to keep their careers growing.

And now we’ve dreamed up a new way to come together as a city and invite the world to experience the magic of New York in the neighborhood we first called home. On Saturday, April 1, we’re opening up the historical landmark Pier 57 as a culinary and community destination.