Pixel and Android Enterprise connect National Australia Bank

Supporting the mobility needs of our employees has long been a top priority at National Australia Bank. As the IT team for a leading bank in Australia, we want our colleagues across all levels of the company to have secure access to the information they need.

When recently evaluating our device strategy, we wanted to reduce the time and costs of supporting legacy devices and multiple platforms. Pixel devices managed with Android Enterprise have been key to this strategic shift, benefiting our customer support teams who spent much of the last year working from home while continuing to support our customers remotely. 

Rapidly enabling teams

The IT team issued more than 2,000 Pixel devices to our customer contact teams, enabling them to continue serving customers remotely at the start of the pandemic. Vodafone helped rapidly launch the solution, using zero-touch enrollment to quickly set up devices with the necessary applications and configurations.

With zero-touch enrollment, each Pixel setup was 20 minutes faster than our previous device enrollments, saving our IT team and colleagues over 500 hours during the initiative. With our communication and collaboration apps available right out of the box, our teams could get to work right away to help customers.

Our contact center teams use Pixel devices that are fully managed, which allows us to provide the necessary security controls, and wipe and re-enroll them when transferred to a new employee. Branch Managers use Pixels with the work profile, separating work and personal applications. This gives employees the ability to use the device in a personal capacity while our IT team manages and ensures data security over the work profile.

Our IT team has received positive feedback from employees about their experience with the work profile. The simplicity and clear separation between work and personal profiles is a great benefit for those who want to build better balance into their day. Moreover, our IT admins have the security tools necessary to safeguard critical data. 

With managed Google Play, we have flexibility to assign the needed apps to our managed devices, whether they’re fully managed or using the work profile, through the admin console. Providing our teams the flexibility to assign apps to the right teams is a major time saver and ensures everyone has the resources they need. Branch managers can look up customer service records or answer a ping more quickly from their Pixel, instead of returning back to their desk and logging back on to their desktop computer. Android Enterprise has been a catalyst in a more mobile and responsive environment for our various teams.

Simplified management and security

Given the security requirements of the financial services industry, protecting customer data and preventing leakage is critical. Pixel security updates from Google provide a reliable cadence of ongoing protection as threats evolve, and the work profile hits the right balance between security and privacy for our teams.

The combination of zero-touch enrollment, consistent security updates and integration with device management tools has been a driving force for our IT team. We see Android Enterprise as a key component to our mobility strategy, providing the flexibility and security our teams require.