Privacy and performance, working together in Chrome

Improved Site isolation and phishing detection, to protect you from attacks

With Chrome, you don’t need to be a security expert to be safe online, as we’re constantly adding new security updates that work behind the scenes for you. 

In this release we’re expanding Site Isolation, a security feature that protects you from malicious websites. (The magic lies in processing each site separately, so they can’t access data they’re not supposed to. You can find more technical details on our security blog.) Site Isolation will now cover a broader range of sites, as well as extensions, and all of this comes with tweaks that improve Chrome’s speed.

You can have the best of both worlds — speed and security — with our next update, too. Phishing continues to be one of the leading threats on the web, but protecting against such attacks can sometimes impact browser speed. With the latest improvements in image processing in Chrome, phishing detection is now 50 times faster and drains less battery. 

Look out for these new updates and features coming to Chrome on Android and Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS in the upcoming weeks. And as we continue to roll out new privacy and security updates, we hope you feel even more safe, empowered and in control of your data as you use Chrome to browse the web.