Support a clean energy future with Nest Renew

Last year we launched an early preview of Nest Renew, a service for compatible Nest thermostats that makes it easy to support a clean energy future from home. We’re excited to announce that starting today, anyone in the continental U.S. with a compatible Nest thermostat can now join Nest Renew.

Support clean energy already on the grid

One of our primary goals during the development of Nest Renew was helping people make better use of clean energy that’s already on the grid. That’s the thinking behind powerful new features like Energy Shift, which helps you automatically prioritize your usage to times when your home’s electricity is cleaner or less expensive. Every five minutes, Energy Shift gathers local power grid emissions forecasts across the country. Then, using these forecasts, our algorithms look for opportunities where running a home’s heating or cooling slightly earlier or later would result in taking advantage of cleaner energy, and automatically adjust your thermostat accordingly. This is all done with very small changes from scheduled temperatures (generally less than one degree Fahrenheit). The changes are so subtle that you won’t notice and will stay just as comfortable, but of course, you are in control and can manually adjust your thermostat at any time.

And small actions through features like Energy Shift really do add up — we estimate that it’s already helped Nest Renew users in early preview collectively prioritize cleaner energy usage for over 20,000,000 hours.