Telegraphing the future of security

This week at the annual RSA Conference, we will hear from industry leaders on a wide range of issues, from the supply chain security crisis to breach disclosure notifications. While it’s important to talk about where we have been and what is happening in the industry right now, it is equally as important to think about where we need to go.

At Google, that means creating a safer Internet that is more secure for the next billion users. 

In order to create a safer Internet, our engineers, technologists and product teams look at what we know today and think about how it will change tomorrow – from analyzing trends in attacker methods, to shifts in the threat landscape, to new technologies – and we use those insights to chart the path ahead. 

We recently asked security experts across Google to telegraph the future of security, here’s a glimpse at their insights:

What do you think the biggest security challenge will be in 10 years?