The best of Google available on Samsung Galaxy foldables

Inspiration can strike at any time. With the Galaxy Z Flip3, you can unfold your ultra-portable content creator at the exact moment you need it. Open up YouTube Shorts in the YouTube app to quickly start recording, edit right in the app and upload with superfast 5G. And with Flex mode on the Galaxy Z Flip3, you don’t even need to worry about bringing a tripod with you: Simply fold your Galaxy Z Flip3 anywhere between 75 and 115 degrees, and you’ll be sure to capture your best angle.

6. Explore with Google and Augmented Reality

Unfold your Galaxy Z Flip3 and use Google’s augmented reality features built into some of your favorite apps to learn more about the world around you. With Live View in Google Maps, you can quickly orient yourself and know which way to go with directions overlaid right on top of your surroundings. If you come across something like a historical landmark, a cool new pair of sneakers or a menu that’s not in your native language, Google Lens can help you get more information about it, help you find where to buy it, or help you translate it. Just unfold and point.

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