The most popular date night searches in every state

5. The lead-up to Valentine’s Day isn’t all warm fuzzies, though. “When to break up” gets three times more searches than “when to propose.”

6. And not all Valentine’s Day-related searches are focused on romantic relationships: “What to bring to a Galentine’s party” and “Galentine’s Instagram captions” both more than doubled in early February.

7. Speaking of Galentine’s: Since the 2010 episode of “Parks and Recreation” introduced the idea of a pre-Valentine’s Day celebration devoted to female friendships, searches for the phrase have consistently appeared every February, peaking in February 2019.

8. Breakout Galentine’s Day-related searches include “Galentine’s Day ideas,” “Galentine’s Day gifts” and “when is Galentine’s Day?” (according to the episode, it’s February 13).

9. Some would say there’s no better recipient of Valentine’s Day pampering than yourself. If you need some inspiration, “red French tip nails” and “pink French tip nails” are the most-searched Valentine’s nail designs.

10. Maybe the way to the heart really is through the stomach. “Heart-shaped pizza,” “heart-shaped cake” and “heart-shaped pasta” are the most searched foods modeled after this symbol of love. “Heart-shaped pizza” even spikes every February in the U.S.

11. Not to be outdone, “heart-shaped taco platter near me” queries rose more than 300% in early February.